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What exactly is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is (quite literally) the diversity of our living world. It is fundamental to the food we eat, to our health and to everything we do. Yet it is under threat.

Published in May 2017

The diversity of habitats (forests, prairies, oceans, lakes, deserts…) and animal or vegetal species comes to mind naturally, not to mention fungi, bacteria and human beings, but gene diversity is also a key component in renewing and enriching nature. These three sets interact continuously in multiple ways.



According to the red list of threatened species published in 2016 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 24,307 (or 28%) of the 85,604 species observed were in danger of extinction.

There are numerous causes that include growth and consumption, overexploitation of resources, global warming, pollution and pesticides, destruction of habitats, illegal trade in protected species…

Examples of threatened species


by Elior Group

The UN made 2011-2020 the decade for biodiversity. How can the catering industry contribute to protecting biodiversity? By offering at every stage of the value chain responsible catering services which respect the diversity of all living organisms. Understanding and respecting biodiversity requires adopting a healthy, balanced diet and having access to a wide range of products.

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