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Take a break or strike a pose?

Who hasn't had to watch their plates grow cold while an improvised photoshoot takes place? Parisians seem to have made this a specialty when they eat out, according to the results of a BVA survey for Areas.

Published in September 2017


According to the roughly 1,000 people surveyed, four Parisians in ten feel the need to take a picture of their meals when they go to a restaurant, in the evening or over the weekend.

Going into detail, only 8% of them remember to do it almost everytime, while 32% think of it occasionnally. The 18-24 age group is the most enthusiastic about this ritual with two-thirds of practitioners (thanks Snapchat and Instagram), but their elders in the 25-34 range are not far behind with 59% of them taking the risk to eat a cold meal or disobey the local rules!

Of course, the plates have to look good (64%) for this to make sense, since it is all about staging and appearances (including that of the author). What's more surprising is that these plates can contain chef-made dishes (51%) just as well as fast food staples (48%).

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