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The many faces of the lunch break

The many faces of the lunch break

Those who love their lunch break divide into four distinct profiles, according to a Sociovision survey for Elior Group. Male or female, management or staff, young or not so young... the expectations of these fellow diners differ.

Published in March 2016

They vary in terms of their preferences (and dietary habits), their budgets and the time they want to devote to their lunch. Some see the lunch break as sacrosanct and synonymous with pleasure; a pleasure for the senses for some of them, and the pleasure of sharing time with colleagues for others. Gourmets and hedonists see the company restaurant as providing choices, delicious meals and full menus in convivial surroundings.



For others, the company restaurant is more about practicality. It's the ideal solution for enjoying a varied high-quality range of food - from organic produce to vegetarian dishes and street food - at an excellent price. Pragmatists and time micro-managers see the company restaurant as a place tailored to their needs: lunch by all means, but without spending too long at the table.


Time micro-managers

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