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The formula to ensure the well-being of the French

The formula to ensure the well-being of the French

The top secret equation is as follows: fork + sneakers = well-being, according to a Kantar TNS survey for Elior Group and Paris 2024.

Published in April 2017

Of the 1,005 people surveyed, 70% said they practiced a physical activity. Studying their motivations for exercising and their preferences for meal breaks, four teams emerged, combining sports and meals in order to improve one's well-being through vastly different means.

Pizza and running

Those who belong to the pizza and running team see exercise first as a way to be able to enjoy their meals (and sometimes what's in between), which turns breaks into convivial and relaxing moments. Physical activity is less enticing, but being that it's good for your health and your figure, why not go anyway? Motivation ebbs and flows with each passing day and season, but it happens to everyone, and there are places where to find inspiration.


Swimsuit and eclairs

Members of the swimsuit and eclairs team share the belief that exercising and eating should focus on pleasure. In other words, they need to really enjoy things. Their ideal meal is a greasy spoon with good friends, a nice snack with coworkers, breakfast in bed. Physical activity is a breath of fresh air to them, they have a ball and feel much better. Sometimes, they run out of time and have to make choices, which can get frustrating... Come on, can't you try and take #2024seconds for a well-being break?

Tennis and eggplants

Being part of the tennis and eggplants team means exercising and eating well enough to be in good shape and in good health. As a consequence, they pay close attention to their alimentation while maintaining a consistent level of physical activity. Luckily, they are still able to let go and can be tempted by the healthy and balanced yummy recipes gathered in the #2024seconds playlist on Youmiam.

Watermelon and fitness

You don't get called to the watermelon and fitness team unless you are very (very) sporty. Physical activity is clearly a key element in these people's everyday lives. Exercise brings them pleasure, gives them confidence and boosts their morale. Most of their fast and balanced meals fit into this sports framework, which can get dreary and dull at times. The #2024seconds playlist on Youmiam holds a few recipes that are sure to entice them to take a well-deserved break.

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by Elior Group

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