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Combining food and exercise is even better for your well-being

Combining food and exercise is even better for your well-being

The more time the French spend practicing a physical activity and the longer their meal break, the higher their estimated level of well-being, according to a Kantar TNS survey for Elior Group and Paris 2024.

Published in April 2017


Well-being is a feeling of overall fulfillment brought on by the total satisfaction of the needs of the body and/or the mind. It is linked to other factors such as health, social or economical success, pleasure, self-accomplishment, being in harmony with oneself and others.


95% of the French people surveyed say they devote time to their own well-being (60% do it at least regularly) reaching an overall average well-being level of 7.4/10.

As the time devoted to exercise and meals increases, so does the feeling of well-being. French people who allow over 2 hours a day for meal breaks and pratice sports at least 4 hours a week declared the highest level of well-being, thus confirming how important those two factors are in feeling fine.

The formula for well-being = fork + sneakers The formula for well-being = fork + sneakers

As an official partner of Paris 2024, Elior Group offers those who like to exercise and eat the opportunity to measure their well-being (in French) after at least 2024 seconds of physical effort and eating pleasure, and invites them to share the results on social networks.

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