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Back to school: three canteen food trends

Back to school: three canteen food trends

Pupils and students are going back to school, and back to the school canteen too. Among the big changes, three food trends for children and their parents: more digital innovation, more local produce, more culinary discoveries. 

Published in September 2017


More digital innovation

In a society that marches to the rhythm of smartphone notifications, parents expect instant access to all relevant data when it comes to their children and the school canteen. This is why new apps gather lots of information in one convenient place, from menus to billing to allergenes to special days. They target all age groups, from kindergarten where you can book a spot for your baby online to university with cardless payment and a frequent eater program.


More local produce

The weight of local produce is growing, and not just in volume, as required by the institutions in charge, but also in the quality and image of meals served at the school canteen. Having roots in the local economy allows for greater transparency and reactivity, which are essential criteria if you want to satisfy the needs and expectations of key stakeholders, especially when it comes to corporate social responsibility.


More culinary discoveries

While we can learn throughout our lives about how to eat well, we need to show children how to do this from the earliest possible age. The school canteen plays a key role in educating the younger generations. Tailor-made furniture, dedicated signage, trained staff: everything is put in place to help and encourage children to discover produce and savors thanks to specific menus. They can even leave school behind and find out where these dishes come from, at the market or on a farm!

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